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The Airfield Research Group has enjoyed a continuous existence since it was formed in the late 1970′s. Made up of like minded people the Group is a non profit making organisation whose funds are derived from subscriptions and voluntary contributions.

The aims of the Group are to research, record and to report information and material related to the history, architecture, current status and use of military and civilian airfields throughout the United Kingdom. Our members believe that it is important to maintain a history of all aspects of the nation’s aviation heritage.

In order to disseminate the information derived from member’s researches the Group publishes a journal, Airfield Review, which is published in March, June, September and December. The journal is recognised throughout aviation circles as a first class product, with high quality content.

Each issue contains articles on various airfields. It also contains a ‘Round-Up’ section which is the part with the news and more recent information and basically covers the current status.

The Group provides a ‘Membership Service’ which provides answers to an infinite variety of questions asked. There is a back issue service for the Airfield Review. In reality its a way of supporting the membership in any and every way possible

Airfield Review Back Issues – Click Here

Another continuous project is maintaining an Airfield Research Group Archive. Until recently the ARG did not have an archive, leaving it to individual members to contribute as and when, but with the demise of our late Chairman, who had such a wealth of information it was thought prudent to amalgamate any and all of the information, photographs, etc. into one archive. The information and material contained in the archive is available to all members. Any member requesting information should ask for information on a specific location or subject.

In May 2009 the Airfield Research Group amalgamated with Airfield Information Exchange (AiX).


This arm of the service provides an ARG public forum and as the name suggests, it is a source of up to date news and other information to its members who may or may not be members of the ARG.