Airfield Construction Service

Anthony Betts – (Airfield Research Publishing)

Behind the day to day story of the activities of the Royal Air Force is the little known story of the men who built the landing strips and airfields; of men who did not fight with guns but with theodolites and bulldozers. Without the contribution from these Airmen of the Airfield Construction Service many of our aeroplanes would not have got into the air to offer air cover for our ground forces.

The book deals with the formative years of the Airfield Construction service from it’s inception in 1939 through to the close of the war with the partial disbandment of the ACS. It includes eye witness accounts along with details extracted from official records, newspapers and magazines published at the time. A theme throughout the book is the late father of the author who served with 5202 Plant Squadron driving a Galion Grader during the period 1943 to 1946.

The Airfield Construction Service constructed airfields using both temporary and permanent construction and all the required services in Iceland, The Azores, the Middle East, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong as well as on the continent very soon after D Day. They were the first allied troops to liberate Hong Kong after the surrender of the Japanese.

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