RAF Pembrey Archives

Appeal started: FEBRUARY 2011

RAF Pembrey Archive Documents Acquired By ARG

The archive is now in the process of being properly sorted and indexed, ARG have purchased 50 special archive boxes which have all been filled and filed, we will need more very soon.

In addition we have an opportunity to purchase some valuable and rare Home Office books for the archive.

We have also been very fortunate in securing a large archive about RAF Pembrey, this has been donated by the daughter of a researcher who has passed away. This archive is huge and consists of many original documents, plans, photos etc TNA and RAFM were also after this. It will also need sorting and storing in boxes.

WE now need to raise an initial sum to purchase the books and additional storage boxes. We are slowly setting up a funding and marketing strategy which will bring in funds at a steady rate, however the books are too good to pass up and the Pembrey archive needs to be stored. Once the archive is fully sorted and indexed it can be made available.

All funds raised by this appeal will help purchase these archive storage boxes.

“They are acid free archive boxes manufactured from re-cycled materials to the latest British Standards, they are supplied flat packed, each one costs about £5.60 including VAT. They measure 400 by 300 by 180 mm deep. This size best met our requirements but many sizes are available. ARG funded the purchase of 50 of these boxes and we need another 50 of this size. Each box will be filled, numbered then catalogued. This is however a slow process and is an on-going project which will be completed ASAP. We are actively trying to get our archives organised prior to moving to permanent premises and we believe that this will aid our HLF application once we are in a position to make preliminary enquiry for funding. If we can demonstrate that we are taking the business of archive storage seriously then this we hope will work in our favour.”

The cabinet housing boxes 37 to 50 containing negatives and slides